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Brandwatch Welcomes Instagram Hashtags and @Mentions

The more mentions you can pick up the better right? So when Brandwatch announced their new ‘Boolean Operators’ I was obviously excited. I had to Google ‘define: Boolean’ and it came up with, a binary variable that can have one of two possible values. To keep it simple @Tales_Of_Cake put it quite nicely:

These new operators mean that to search for #epicfail mentions, a user goes from having to write this Query string:

raw:#epicfail OR raw:#EpicFail OR raw:#EPICFAIL OR raw:Epicfail etc.

To this:


And the same goes for tracking @mentions. Easy huh?

I really like the idea of being able to track further than Twitter because social platforms seem to be growing by the dozen and managing client expectations can become tricky if you’re not careful.

Clients want results to prove the effectiveness as well as inform future brand changing decisions, but we need to ensure we are measuring clean, precise and relevant data otherwise you’d be making business decisions on ficticious learnings. Now that is an #EpicFail.

If all of this is going over your head I’d reccomend joining the #BrandwatchTips Q&A discussion coming up on the 2nd of May.